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WheelsAPE Dealer loyalty reward program

Explore with our loyalty program

As the fastest growing Alloy Wheels distributor and brand group in Australia, we are so proud to be the first to introduce our Dealer Loyalty Reward Program in the Australian Alloy Wheels market. We have made this just for our dealer community to show our appreciation & love. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support. We are upgrading way we partner you in business , offering new benefits, and exploring more ways to grow our business together. That's why we introduced a Dealer Loyalty Reward Program (DLRP). This program consists of two main aspects, earning and redeeming points. You could earn points on every purchase, access to an exclusive offer, and find more ways to earn and redeem points. Come and explore all of your lifetime benefits here!

How to earn your points?

Points on every purchase

^10 Points each $1 you purchased online

Cerlerbarion on your birthday 

^20,000 Points on your birthday

celebration on your account anniversary

100,000  Points on your account anniversary

Follow us on Instagram

10,000 points for following us on Instagram

Like us on Facebook

10,000 points for liking us on Facebook

Share our content on your Facebook 

4,000 points for sharing on Facebook

Share your car photos with us

10,000 points for sharing your car photos on Instagram or Facebook by tagging us


Join our Brand Sponsorship

10,000 points for joining our brand sponsorship program

A lot more coming

More ways to earn points will be introduced in the future, Please stay tuned!

Reward points program

A New way to Reward Yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Points?

  • You have three ways to earn your points. Like purchasing online, celebrating your birthdays and account anniversary, and completing social media tasks. For more information, visit:

What is the Calculated price amount of points earned for purchases online?

  • Calculating Points earned via purchase is only based on the price you add to the cart. Taxes, shipping charges, and other fees will not be counted.

When do the points in my account expire?

  • All the points in your account are valid for one year. Within one year, you can redeem your points at any time.

Can I transfer points to someone else?

  • No, all the points in the WheelsAPE Dealer Loyalty Reward Program (DLRP) are tied to your dealer account. All the points in your DLRP account belong only to your dealer account, and you cannot transfer or trade the points.

If my order is canceled or refunded, will the points be canceled?

  • Yes, the points will be canceled and the DLRP account adjusted accordingly when orders are updated as refunded or canceled.

Does the coupon earned in redeeming points can be combined with other coupons?

  • No, you can only use one coupon when you are at checkout. The coupon can be redeemed through the DLRP or come from another valid channel, but you can only use one of them.

Can I get points If I place an order offline or by phone?

  • No, our WheelsAPE DLRP is aimed to motivate dealers to place orders online, and the corresponding points can only be rewarded for online orders, other orders not placed online cannot get the points via purchase.

I have an online order, but my payment is overdue. Can I still get the points when I pay?

  • No, You will not get the points If your account payment is more than 5 days overdue. You will receive a payment reminder from us before it expires and paying your bills on time is important to our dealer loyalty program.

Can my points be redeemed for cash?

  • No, all the Points in WheelsAPE DLRP is an online benefit with certain expiration dates. All the points can only be redeemed on for coupons and free products at present and they cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.

I have multiple accounts, Can I combine the points from different accounts and use them together?

  • No, all the points are tied to your email and dealer's account, which are independent and unique. Each account can only use the valid points from the account selected.


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earned by placing online order when it is updated as fulfilled. For those dealers with billing periods, the corresponding points will be added to the corresponding account on the 15th of each month after the payment is completed on time.
^There is a 30-day delay to prevent abuse.
^Taxes, shipping charges and other fees are on your cost

*All the points are freebies with certain expiration dates and dealers do not have any property or ownership rights in WheelsAPE Points. reserves the interpretation and ownership right, all terms and conditions are subject to the latest update of this page, reserve the right to have such changes take effect immediately, without liability of any kind under any legal theory.