A WheelsAPE Brands Group Ambassador embodies the essence of automotive allure, representing the diverse range of brands under the WheelsAPE Brands Group umbrella, including :

PDXX OFF-ROAD for rugged off-road vehicles,

CYBERMETALS for sleek new energy rides,

and RSERIES for the epitome of European and Muscle automotive excellence.

This exclusive program offers you an enticing discount on the WheelsAPE Brands Group's exquisite collection of wheels while providing a platform to showcase your recommended products to your audience with irresistible charm. Whether through sultry social media posts, captivating word-of-mouth, or innovative engagement strategies, you'll earn points for each referral, transforming your influence into lucrative rewards.

As your influence blossoms, you'll ascend to the coveted VIP Ambassador status, unlocking an array of tantalising rewards and benefits!


Upon approval of your sponsorship proposal, you'll step into the world of WheelsAPE Brands Group Ambassadorship. Beyond receiving an alluring discount on WheelsAPE Brands Group wheels, you'll indulge in a host of exclusive benefits. Earn Points with each referral, transforming your magnetic appeal into monetary rewards effortlessly.

WheelsAPE Brands Group's Ambassador Program is the epitome of exclusivity. Not every applicant will be accepted, and those who are will join our ranks starting with Level A status, progressing through the ranks of AA and the prestigious AAA. We seek individuals who do more than simply flaunt our wheels at a discounted rate. We aim to cultivate partnerships with influential trendsetters, igniting passion for our products and delivering captivating marketing content. Ascend through the levels, from A to AAA, and enjoy increasingly lavish sponsorship rewards.


We're in search of individuals with an irresistible social media presence, captivating audiences across multiple platforms. Please note that for our Level A tier, we require a minimum follower count of 2,000, with requirements escalating for higher tiers to unlock even greater rewards.

Submission of 10-12 high-resolution professional photos within 30 days of receiving your wheels is mandatory. Ambassadors should maintain a seductive presence, posting and tagging us 1-2 times per week. Ideally, your posts should captivate your audience, generating around 100 likes per 1000 followers as a benchmark. During event seasons, we expect a minimum of one sizzling post per week. If you embody the allure and believe that WheelsAPE Brands Group is the perfect match for your high-octane automotive persona, we invite you to apply below and embark on a journey of automotive elegance and passion.



Email you car photos and social media account detail to