Our Price Policy

If you are not logged in with your dealer account,  All the listed prices are the Retail Price.
You will see your  Dealer Wholesale Price after you signed in with your dealer account.
At the same time that we provide the most cost-effective products to consumers, we hope share more profits to our dealers base on some principles. 
Same Retail Price to Everyone
A stable and healthy market price system is important to everyone. We have only one price to everyone, which is our retail price (RRP). All the dealers must list our products at our retail price.  Including ebay/amazon/facebook/store.
Dealer Wholesale Discount
In order to make everything easier. We do NOT have a wholesale price list.  The wholesale dealer price is working on the dealer discount percentage.  It's same percentage discount to all the products.   The dealer can check their discounted wholesale price on each product when their account is approved and activated.
How do we prevent the unfair competition among dealers
NOT Publish/list the Products Lower than Retail Price
All the wheelsAPE dealers should commit  to list /publish the products no lower than our retail price . The dealer should not do any sales/special prices on the products without official authorization. WheelsAPE will inform our dealers if we are going to do a sales/promotion ,and the dealer's wholesale price will also be reduced at the same sales/promotion percentage to protect our dealer's interest.
Not Sell the Products Lower than Retail Price
The dealer should not sell the products to the retail market  lower than the Retail Price. (either in stores, online platforms or in customer consultation).If there is a sales/promotion on the retail price, WheelsAPE will inform our dealers if our sales/promtion ends, and the retail price should go back to the normal. 
 Dealership Cancellation  
After 3 Warnning Letters , The dealer account could be cancelled.   
Every time  dealer is  found in violation of the conditions above, an offical warning letter will be sent.  if there are more than 3 warnning letters within 12 months. The dealer could lose the dealership as we want to protect the interests of other dealers in the market. The company  may NOT able to apply the account  again in the next 12 months.

Please feel free to contact us if you find any dealer is selling /listing the products under our retail price in the retail market.
If we confirm the violation is true, the informant will be rewarded a voucher from us .