WheelsAPE Dealer-Line V5.0 Big Update!

WheelsAPE Dealer-Line V5.0 Big Update!

A big update of WheelsAPE Dealer Line System! 

At the beginning of the New Year 2023!  we have done the big new update of the WheelsAPE Dealer line to version 5.0.

There are some major updates in this new version: 

1. Find your products more easily
The new system can display the entire product directly by the search term you enter
You can search by a few letters if you forget the full name of the product

2. Clearer display of wholesale activities
The countdown timer on the home page shows the events more clearly
We make sure you won't miss any new events

3. Better product labels
Whether it's STAGGERED or EXTRA HEAVY LOAD, the key product information will be displayed more directly.

4. Smarter product recommendations

A smarter system to recommend you some related items. 

5. more payment options

In addition to Visa and Master, we have also opened Google Pay, Apple Pay to our dealers.
AFTERPAY is also available to our dealers now!  to meet the different payment requirements of DEALers.

We have more new functions  in this V5.0 version, waiting for you to discover!

please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.